What A Hectic Year…


If I could describe the school year in one word, it would be hectic. For the past fifteen years, THIS is the weirdest year I have ever watched, been through, and experienced! There have been so many ups and downs throughout the year and I’m extremely shocked that it’s ending in this way. I would have never even thought something like this could ever happen and I will most likely remember this entire experience. However, looking at the pros and cons of this year, I am shocked to say that I was able to think of so many pros, one of them being sports.

This year, sports has been an interesting experience. Throughout Cross Country, I was able to improve my times and constantly make PR’s. Even going to Cross Country state and getting top 19, was a huge surprise. And then there is my favorite sport, Soccer, which I was able to improve so much during my time on the team. It was also fun to see my teamwork skills and technique grow.

Another pro about this school year is my friends and able to spend time with them. Without my friends, I wouldn’t know what I would do. My friends keep me sane and calm at times when I need it. Another pro is my teachers, being able to be surrounded by wonderful, amazing teachers I something. I am going to miss. Especially Mrs. Hermsdorf brownies in Chemistry, which constantly made my day.

However, Chemistry was also a huge con this year. From the start of the year, Chemistry has been kicking me left and right. I’ve had many emotions bottled up just from this one class, sadness, anger, frustration, happiness, and confusion. Each day was always a different emotion, but at the end of the day, her brownies always put a smile on my face.

Another con about this whole year is Track. Sadly, because of the whole pandemic, track season was unable to continue. Even though there is always next year, it sucks for Track to end so early before everyone had the chance to PR and break records.

I asked my mom about what her opinion was about all the schools closing down, and this was her opinion, “Closing schools was a good idea. So it wouldn’t slow the viral spread of the Coronavirus.  One of the best ways to limit the spread of the virus is to limit the size of pubic gatherings which includes schools.”

After all of this, I can only just look at the future and hope for a better year!