Thriving With Trin

New Year, More Positivity!


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As the start of February officially begins, the pressure to complete and accomplish my goals is definitely rising. With many negative and bad things going on in the world. Staying positive should honestly be a sport. I can’t even understand how most people stay completely positive throughout the day.

Being positive is one of the biggest challenges in school. You have to study and take multiple classes. I focus on how school is going to help me the most prosperous and outstanding student for my career. Recently, school has been a strain.

Of course, another strain is sports. As I LOVE to play them, keeping a positive mindset is another challenge. I started playing sports in the sixth grade. It was undeniably a new thing for me. I have always depended on myself, for my decisions or mistakes in a sport. However, when others make the wrong or bad options it definitely irks me. For example in soccer, you have to have trust, depend on others, and work as a team, but when a person makes a mistake, the frustration ruins my positive mindset.

Relationships also cause issues for my positive mindset. I do have my moments where I just don’t feel like talking to anyone at school. But then there is that one specific person who always says the wrong thing to me at the wrong moment and time.┬áLet’s say that my patience and me keeping calm is on par.

Let’s hope this year is filled with love and positivity.