Will The Food at Homecoming Disappoint Us?


Homecoming is officially less than three days away, and students are excited for what is to come! But we are all wondering, what is the menu for homecoming? As everyone hopes that there would be some good food,  we decided to find out what the menu would be.

According to Principal ,Mr. Wietstruck,  “The food is being catered by a company Moffit Oaks uses – called LaRue.”

Mr. Wietstruck continues on to say, “We will be serving a chicken fried chicken, or braised beef, mashed potatoes, and salad.”

After finding out the menu for homecoming, it was definitely similar to the one from last year. I couldn’t wait to try the food.

During homecoming, the food was actually alright. I loved the desert, especially the bundt cakes, and all the Taco Bell tacos they served, that was definitely my favorite part.  I am glad to say that the menu this year didn’t disappoint.