Are Students Excited For This Spooky Holiday?


October, the time of the month where everyone is excited about the spooky holiday. As Halloween is slowly getting closer, many students are excited to dress up and eat some delicious chocolate. I decided to interview students at Northland to see how they felt about Halloween.

I interviewed Freshman Benjamin Johnson and Elisabeth Alery to see how they are celebrating Halloween this year.

Are you celebrating Halloween this year? How?

“Yes,” said Johnson.

He goes on to say, “Probably, just dressing up and handing out candy, and tricker treating with a couple of friends.”

Elisabeth Alery also stated how she would be celebrating, “I will be dressing up as fifty shades of grey and passing out candy. I changed my mind, I am not being a cat this year, I am getting fifty shades of paint strips from the paint store and dressing up as fifty shades of grey.”

Are you dressing up for Halloween, if so what?

“I don’t know yet, but I might do a pirate costume and get a bird harness for my bird to sit on my shoulder or dress up as Spiderman or a soldier,” Johnson states.

What is your favorite part about Halloween?

“Scary movies,” said Alery.

Would you consider Halloween to be your favorite holiday? Why?

“No,” said Johnson.

Johnson goes on to say, “I just like the other holidays more, I think Halloween is fun for everybody.”

Do you like Halloween? Why?

“I love Halloween, because it’s creepy, and I love creepy. I am e-girl,” said Alery.

What is your favorite holiday? Why?

Alery says, “Halloween because it’s so inspiring. It gets me, it’s in my soul.”