Homecoming Week

hoco is two days away!

It is finally Homecoming Week and all the students at Northland Christian are excited to dress up. Celebrating Homecoming, there are four days, Meme day, Color War, Pajama Day, and Throwback Thursday.

The first day is meme day, all of secondary can come dressed as their favorite meme and gif. So many students came dressing up as VSCO girls, e-girls, and much others.

The next day was color war, all students from pre-k to high school can come to school representing a certain color given for their grade.


Seniors: Black                      Fifth Grade: Black

Juniors: Blue                       Fourth Grade: Blue

Sophomores: Pink                Third Grade: Pink

Freshman: Red                   Second Grade: Red

Eighth Grade: Purple        First Grade: Purple

Seventh Grade: Orange    Kindergarden: Orange

Sixth Grade: Green           Pre-k: Green

On the third day, it’s pajama day. All students can wear their pj’s, like your favorite robe and slippers.

On Thursday, it’s Throwback Thursday. Anyone can come to school dressed as their favorite decade.