Thriving with Trin: Where has all the originality gone?


After watching all of the Twilight movies, I notice the constant themes of love triangles in many shows and movies that I have watched in the past. They all have the same pattern, the main character is originally with one person, a second person comes into the mix, the main character gets close to the second person, but then always runs back to the original person.

The frustrating part is that I always like the second person, who is always a great fit for the main character, and they are NEVER chosen! At this point, I can guess the outcome of any show or movie that contains a love triangle, it always ends the same.

I always wondered, why are all the plots the same? Why can no one be different and add their unique spin to it? Like for example, why can’t they have a character choose the second person in the love triangle than the main character running back to the first person? Or what if the main character doesn’t end up with none of them? My jaw would drop if I ever saw that happen, it would be the first anyone would have caught me off guard in any love triangle film.

I find love triangles cliché and basic because if it gets to a point where I can guess the actual ending of the show or movie, it’s basic. For instance, Mean Girls, after the popular movie Mean Girls, I specifically remember every show or movie that I watched in my past having a group of mean girls that always go after or attack the protagonist. Where has all the originality gone?