Behind The Scenes of the Best Journalists!

I am about to show you the daily routine of the best class at Northland!

Behind The Scenes of the Best Journalists!

In Journalism class, we write dozens of stories and publish them on the school newspaper. Without us, the talented writers of the school, the entertainment and important reminders that we inform everyone with would be gone. However, in the class everything is even more dramatic and entertaining than ever. By joining Journalism you’ll gain great writing experience. Being a writer on the school online news paper also looks good on both college applications and resume.

On a regular day, we receive a certain subject, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, and we write stories based on that particular topic. So if we were given Christmas, I could write a story about the crazy stories about Santa Clause! We usually have a span of one to two days to finish the amazing story, but the fact that we finish our stories in a short amount of time and still have time for entertainment is extremely confusing.

Throughout the class period, there is either students, aka, Senior Marshall Ingram, freaking about their bible test that they weren’t prepared for or gossiping about The Bachelor. The conversations and challenges we do throughout Journalism always bring the class to life and comes with many amusing moments. Which is why you should join this class anyway!

Another thing we do in Journalism is add a bit of Broadcast into it. Every once in a while, we all come together and decide on what videos or topics we would like to talk about. Once we do that, we would devote our time for three to four days interviewing people, filming, and editing to create a masterpiece.

After reading this, you should be INSPIRED to join Journalism. Come join the fun!