My “Feel Good” Movie


Over this break, I have had the best time watching dozens of movies and shows. But throughout this whole experience, I had the chance to watch my favorite, go-to, feel good movie, Mulan. As I was able to re-watch this amazing movie, I relived so many moments and memories on why this is my favorite movie.

After re-watching the movie, the songs are the main reasons why it’s my favorite movie. They have a different meaning in my eyes compared to other Disney movies. I also find them very entertaining and fun to sing while watching the movie.

The meaning behind the movie also inspired me again. How women can do anything men can do and ulan proved that many times throughout the war with her hard work and passion. You can also see her determination to not give up at the start. When she first started she wasn’t the best in the group but she never gave up.

The characters also made me enjoy the movie once again. The cricket, Mushu, Yao, Ling, and Chien Po just transformed the movie completely and made it extremely enjoyable.