Taylor Swift Announces 10th Album, “Midnights”


Darin Bowden, Writer

This years VMA’s showcased many stars this year, one of which was Taylor Swift who, after winning an award for her most recent project, announced that her 10th album would be out with “more details at midnight.” Well, at midnight it was announced her 10th album, “Midnights” would be out October 21st, with 13 new tracks.

Many fans sensed something was up when Taylor showed up at the VMA red carpet in a diamond dress, a direct reference to the diamond bath tub scene in the Look What You Made Me Do music video. Swift’s pastalbums (pictured below) have been pop and indie, and many speculate that this one will have a similar feel, but with a different aesthetic.

Although the announcement has only about 2 weeks ago, it is estimated that over 1,000,000 copies have been preordered from her website. This album is sure to set many records, just like her many past albums, one of the most prominent being “1989.” (Pictured Below)

Many fans were shocked at the cover, because the track list is on the front, but Sophie Chavez think that the cover art is very pretty and she thinks that the songs will portray a lot of emotion. Kallee Nelson, a Northland student loves the cover art.

Collaborations on this upcoming album are expected, and Kallee thinks that Ed Sheeran will collaborate on this album, perhaps because of their recent song The Joker And The Queen, and Sophie says, “I honestly don’t know who she will collaborate with but I think whoever she does it with will be good.”