Top Gun is the best movie

Top Gun is the best movie

Marcos Bell, Writer

Top Gun is an action and love story at the same time. The main star, Tom Cruise (Maverick), sets off his Journey to become a fighter pilot by joining the Navy and competing to be the top pilot next to Val Kilmer (Iceman). At the same time he tries to win the attention of his beautiful flight instructor Kelly McGillis (Charlotte Blackwood). During the movie there is tons of dog fights and fast flying jets.

According to many people this by far was one of the most impressive movies created. Because of Tom Cruise being an aspiring aviator he demanded that all the stunts were to be legit and real. Because of this the Airfare denied them of using their aircraft in the danger of a crash, so they went on and asked the Navy, and they said yes. So every scene that a plane is flying, it was actually being flown by a pilot or an actor of the cast. No other movie nowadays would risk anybody or anything by allowing a real fighter jet in the picture. This is how the movie stands out from the crowd and shows how creative and unique Tom Cruise is as an actor.

With the movie coming out in the 1980’s it made a whopping $357 million dollars, if converted  to todays money it would be a lot more. With the amount of money the movie raised we can see that many people globally fell in love with the movie, especially aviators and plane enthusiast/addicts like myself. Like most movies they have a soundtrack, and so did Top Gun. The sound track won an Oscar for “best music”, the main hit “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins was the main attraction. Not only did it win an Oscar for “best music”, but also one a Peoples Choice Award for “Favorite Movie”. With all the success this movie has been handed, we can say it is a great movie even for those who have no interest in aviation it is still a head turner.

Overall, Top Gun is very unique as all the stunts are real, and all the cool stunts preformed. This movie benefited the Navy which the Air Force regrets, because the amount of people that volunteered to join sky rocketed because of the motivation in the movie. With the reputation this movie has earned it will always be remembered as a classic, also it was so successful that Tom Cruise wants to make a new one, still using real stunts. With the world as it is today the release date has been delayed and the requirements for the movie to acquire real stunts is a lot harder now, but it was still done.


This is a picture of Tom Cruise getting ready in his fighter jet after the camera is installed. This is proof he makes his movies are real. (Marcos Bell)