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Marcos Bell
My name is Marcos Bell, my family originates from two entirelly different countries. My dads side of the family originates in England, and my mums originates from Mexico. I however live here in the US, and plan to for most of my life. My family is made up of 4 people and 3 cats. I have one other sibling, a sister named Catalina.

In the past few months Coronavirus has changed everything. I used to attend school in person, but now we have chosen to play it safe and stay online. For the past year I have had a stronger passion for aviation, concluding that I attend a flying school here in Houston and plan to get my pilots license. Like many students I enjoy watching movies and playing games. Some of my favourite things to do are flying, fishing, playing games, and watching movies.

After I complete my high school life I plan to go into college/university for business management, or some engineering degree; still have not decided. After all of my schooling is complete I plan on taking over my parents business here in Houston. I however already got a head start and have been working there for the past few years on the sales side, and I am continuing to work. Deciding which university is a hard choice, I however am planning to study abroad in England, as the education is better and cheaper. I have a citizenship in England so moving there might be a plan for the near future. I would say the quote that best describes my passion would be , "I'm not afraid of flying, I'm afraid of not flying."

Marcos Bell

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