Fishing helps you escape Quarantine


Marcos Bell, Writer

2020 has been a very interesting year! Towards the end of March, major cities and states shut down with panic of COVID-19 spreading drastically. During the long period of people being locked in doors, many people came to a solution of trying new things outdoors even while practicing safety precautions!

During the pandemic, people escaped COVID by fishing. People chose fishing because it was a way to kill time and to not think about what was going on. Fishing is a way of getting out and distancing yourself from others and enjoying yourself!

People would go fishing to let the days pass and to relax. Fishing is a sport of patience, many people learnt skills that others do not have, that being patience. Overall, fishing is something that many people do for fun nowadays due to everything being closed or heavily restricted. It is also a way to explore nature and to build relationships with those you are close with!

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