My 2020 Recap

Marcos Bell, Writer

This year, 2020, has been a very interesting and successful year. We started the year off by almost getting ourselves into ww3, and a time of mourn when the basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, died in a helicopter crash. Finally the most dreadful part of the year was when Coronavirus struck and forced everyone and everything into an immediate lockdown.


Colorado is a where me and my family go for vacation once a year. This year we went at the start of COVID with no intentions to cancel. (Marcos Bell)

However, this year impacted me for the better while COVID was trying to bring me down. At the beginning of the pandemic, I was in Colorado on a ski trip, when we got the news it ruined everything. Everybody and their brother went on shopping sprees emptying shelf after shelf, while us tourists were there we had no clue on what to do. All airports closed so we were trapped for a few days longer, forcing us to extend the house we rented. Weeks later the entire country shuts down, forcing masks onto faces, and hospitals filling up with cases. During the summer of 2020 I looked back into business and worked for my parents private jet charter company once again. Here is where I learned most of everything I know today, this summer has inspired me to thrive in my passion for aviation, something I love doing.


This picture was taken on the gondola to the peak of the mountain. Colorado was fun because this was the last time I did not have to wear a mask in public. (Marcos Bell)

While the summer comes to an end I have gained such a great reputation, and have raised over 2 million dollars in charter sales, I thrive and get hungry for more. On July 2oth, 2o2o, I get a phone call from my cousin in San Antonio. The horrible news I hear is that my aunt is on the floor in her bedroom, unconscious. Minutes go by, I get another call that she has been pronounced dead. This was the most painful part of the year I have experienced, disregarding COVID.


COVID did not stop me from going out and exploring new hobbies like fishing. Now I have spent too much money on fishing gear, but it keeps me busy when I am bored. (Marcos Bell)

The school year begins and now I am having to shift everything over online. While Online I begin to continue work, as school is much more flexible. Most importantly over the course of the year I have gotten closer with the Lord, and have participated in the church as a way to give thanks, for the Lord blessing me and my family. This year has been fun because I got to travel in fancy planes to destinations where commercial travel is blocked due to COVID, and got to experience how other countries handle this Pandemic. Another achievement was I got accepted for renewal on my British passport. While working I got to meet famous people like Tyler the Creator, The Weekend, and Mariah Carrey! Not only did I meet these people, but I was able to meet many new clients, and explore new opportunities in aviation such as, learning to fly airplanes, and understanding in depth how they function.


2020 was a year where I reached new heights! Flying is something that I learned to do during the pandemic, and has offered new opportunities for me. (Marcos Bell

Finally, millions of people will think 2020 was a big flop, but in my books I would make 2020 the best year I have lived so far. I believe the Lord put me through times of trials and tribulations, but without losing faith, delivering me from the struggles and allowing me to be successful with what I am passionate and love the most, Aviation. This year I have learnt a lot, and was able to grow my relationships with family and friends, but I also got to live my life to the fullest.


COVID helped me grow relationships with those who I am close with. I have had plenty of time to see friends and family, also got to try new things like, sushi! (Marcos Bell)



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