Christmas and COVID

Christmas and COVID

Marcos Bell, Writer

Christmas is a time when family and friends come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. During Christmas people throw parties and nowadays that may be a bit hard to get away with. Since COVID has effected our daily lives, Christmas may be limited just like the government tried to limit Thanksgiving.

CNBC posted, “current restrictions and travel advisories will be necessary for the Christmas holiday season.” Analysing it seems as the government will be trying to keep restrictions high and perhaps close down cities to avoid gatherings. If this happens families will not be able to see each other and spend family time with one another.

Andrew a senior says,”I believe Coronavirus will spread during Christmas because people will be shopping and gathering with one another, also I do not believe a lockdown is necessary as we want to spend time with family.” Analysing, Andrew seems to have different views on whats best what is for the people. However this is good and bad because people will not riot about being on lockdown for the most important holiday, but it’s also a really risky move to imply no lockdown.

Overall we have to respect our government as they are going to do the best they can do to help slow the spread of COVID. Christmas would be fun without a lockdown, but we may have to sacrifice one year for the better. While you can, spend time with family and friends as they might put rules and restrictions into play with social distancing and lockdowns.


COVID has impacted daily life, so masks and social distancing may take play this year.

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