Election Fraud Did it Really Happen


Marcos Bell, Writer

Elections are a time for Americans to share their beliefs on the government, and support the party they wish to rule the United States. This is a time when everything and one goes mad as people lie and deceive one another, for a person they want to take leadership.

Elections should be a time when we share thoughts without anger and crime, however this year there has been a sneaky suspicion of election fraud.

According to BBC, Donald Trump said, “In Virginia, 500,000 applications were made that were false.” According to the President, he has stated that ballots in Virginia were fake and not real. This pushes me to believe there was some sort of cheating/fraud in the election as fake ballots have been posted according to Trump, and another incident in the north where 100,000+ ballots were submitted in the early morning and for one and only one party.

Mackenzie Hoffman says, “I think there was a chance of cheating from both parties because this election year was so close.” Reading, I can say if there was any cheating from the Republican side it would have been caught instantaneously, since the media and a lot of people are against him. However the election was not close what so ever, Biden won by a fair amount, and we have to respect that with or without cheating.

Concluding, If the President or the new President have been cheating they need to be held accountable for their actions as it is not fair. Hopefully the next election runs smoothly and no drama occurs like this years election. Elections are a time of strong opinions and let us respect them as you would want them to respect yours.


Election Fraud is a problem we think is happening with the 2020 election.

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