Complaining with Marcos: Why Elections Bring The Worst Of Us


Marcos Bell, Writer

The presidential election happens once every four years. When the election comes around the corner, many people get ready for voting, and showing pride in their candidate. However peoples attitudes change quickly against friends and family, as they do not agree with one another. People begin to cheat each other as they want their candidate to win, one way this has been seen is by people throwing ballots away.

According to Abc Eyewitness news, “I opened the trash can, and I see a lot of envelopes and ballots, especially ballot envelopes in the trash can, and I knew right away that was not normal.” This is an example of people cheating the system as they are in control of submiting votes. Another person from CBS Los Angeles news wrote,  “My husband just found all these ballots in the trash can in the alley. What is going on? Why weren’t these delivered?” From reading this we can see people are really favouring one candidate over the other, and to put one in more of an advantage they cheat.

According to Mackenzie Hoffman, “Election years bring out the worst in us because people think so strongly about who they think should be president of our country. Some people just vote just based off the color the candidate represents, not what they believe. Everyone is debating with each other about their opposite views and trying to prove one another wrong for the way they view something. After elections are over and we find out who president is, then that’s when everything really goes downhill. Some people are celebrating while others are wanting to move to Canada, and then, more fights and debates break out. Sometimes, elections even break up families because of their opposing views.” Kenzie’s insight on the election is similar to what was said earlier; Dividing the nation, as people do not agree with one another.

According to Evan Rebhorn, “They divide our country.” As short as this was said, it makes a very valid and powerful statement. This follows up on everything said, as people turn against one another as if they are enemies, and ruins relationships. People take this way to seriously, and all it does for the normal society is changes the president, and nothing else.

Concluding, people take voting and the election very seriously, and take it to extent that should not be reached. Americans should not be ruining relationships with friends, and family over a person they will never meet. With all that goes on, please vote fairly, and let us elect a president who best suits the nation in peace and silence.

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