Covid may Spread through Thanksgiving


Marcos Bell, Writer

Thanksgiving, a holiday millions of Americans celebrate each year by eating Turkey and other delicious foods with friends and family! However with all the crazy stuff happening nowadays like COVID, Thanksgiving may be a problem as this virus may increase the number of cases. This may happen due to families and friends gathering in a small environment, that being a table and a house!

According to KHOU the CDC says,”Having a small outdoor dinner with family and friends who live in your community could increase the chances of spreading COVID.” (KHOU) Analysing this  thanksgiving will be a liability as the CDC states that COVID will spread with family and friends gathering for a dinner. Applying common sense, being indoors will be worse as you are all isolated in the same room with multiple people. According to CNN a disease expert states, “It is unfortunate, because that’s such a sacred part of the American tradition, the family gathering around Thanksgiving, but that is a risk.” (CNN) Decrypting we can see that experts are saying COVID will most likely spread, due to the gathering of family and friends.

Contradicting the points, Mackenzie Hoffman says, “i don’t think covid will spike with thanksgiving as it is just families gathering in a house, they aren’t going in public anywhere or seeing strangers. if everyone in the family was practicing good hygiene, i don’t see a problem.” Applying reality, we cannot assume everyone will follow guidelines even though you would want to seem you are being safe, but it may take time for someone to show symptoms, so without seeing this somebody can be spreading the virus without even knowing it. Contradicting this statement CNN states,”Three weeks after Canadians celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday, the country is seeing a national spike in cases.” (CNN) Stated, Covid may spread due to gatherings of people even when taking guidelines at first, but people get comfortable and forget and come into contact eventually.

Concluding, this is a time for serious caution and safety, as thousands of people die each day, because of this virus you do not want to become a victim. Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends, but unfortunately COVID is still attacking and this is the perfect time for it to spread. Just remember it is easy to say you are going to be safe, but it’s hard to stay safe, so when you are invited for Thanksgiving just remember what is at risk.

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