Why You Should Consider Flying!


Marcos Bell, Writer

Many people nowadays have come to the conclusion of learning how to fly. Many people take flying into consideration as it is a great career and industry to be in! However, some people do not take flying seriously and do it for fun.

Flying is something people do to take their minds off of things that are bringing them down. In reality flying is an escape from the rest of the world, as one is concentrated on keeping the airplane level and not plummeting straight down into the earth. Becoming an aviator is something many people cannot say they have achieved!

People find going very high speeds fun and that happens a lot when flying. Sightseeing is very cool from 5,000 feet above, also being able to see the sunset from a different angle is a very cool experience! Overall, many cool and fun things happen when flying, the fun part about it is you can experience something not many people can!

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