St Patricks Day


Marcos Bell

Saint Patricks day is held on March 17, and with this comes lots of drinking and parties, celebrating his life and what he has done. Many People are unaware that it is religious holiday, as the church started a feast in 1631 honoring, Saint Patrick for what he has accomplished. The tradition started in Ireland, but has spread to be a worldwide festive!

While Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated worldwide some people are unaware about the holidays history, but know how others celebrate. Andrew Huynh, a senior says, “I am not familiar with it at all to be honest. It’s one of those holidays where I just don’t do anything. I think what stands out is the green everyone wears on Saint Patrick’s day.” Many people do not know of the holiday, but celebrate with friends and family by wearing bright green, and drinking beer, as it is an Irish thing to do.

Mackenzie Hoffman a senior says, ” Saint Patricks day is very interesting to me because I see people celebrate by drinking large amounts of Alcohol for a religious holiday, another interesting aspect is why they celebrate this day, and why it is shown such a great deal of attention.” Unlike many individuals, Kenzie seems to some stuff about Saint Patricks day, but is not very educated on it, which isn’t a problem as many Americans are very unlikely to know.

Concluding St Patricks day is a global celebration of Irish culture on or around March 17. It particularly remembers St Patrick, one of Ireland’s patron saints, who ministered Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in countries with people of Irish descent. People who are not Irish still celebrate this holiday as a way to have fun with friends and family, regardless of their nationality. Many stores and restaurants promote this as a way to sell more and decorate their workplaces with bright green all around with symbols and pictures of leprechauns. It may be fun for those who party, but nowadays with COVID, celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day may be risky and dangerous, but practicing social distancing and masking up while in huge crowds, may lower your chances of containing COVID while celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day.


While COVID still wonders, people wear masks to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick’s Day was held on March 17 of this year.