Our Generation and Video Games


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Marcos Bell, Writer

Video games begin at the start of ones life and continue on, advancing and exploring the many adventures to come. Gaming is one of things people do to escape the world around them, it allows them to drop all their worries and struggles as they are concentrated on the game. Nowadays it is very easy to pick up video games as the entire world has been ordering everyone to stay indoors. With the technology we have their are many different consoles to pick such as, XBOX, Playstation, PC, Nintendo WII, and Nintendo Switch.

Mackenzie Hoffman, a senior at Northland Christian says, “I always used to play video games with my older brother ever since I was about 6, but I got my first console when I was in 9th grade and that’s when I started playing more often. My favorite video game series has always been Call of Duty, I like both the campaign and the online playing modes.” Like stated Mackenzie started playing video games at a very young age and still continues gaming on her own XBOX. Like Kenzie millions of other people play on the console as her, the XBOX.

Andrew Huynh, a senior at Northland Christian says, “I always played games with my older brother even though I know he would be me at every single game. My favorite game to play would have to be Call of duty black ops 1 and 2. I loved the campaign and zombies on both but over the next cod’s they have gotten terribly worse” Andrew following in his brothers footsteps got attracted to video games at a very young age. Unlike Kenzie, Andrew does not like any of the new Call of Duty games. Analyzing both Kenzie and Andrew, they both were influenced by someone in their family to start and adventure video games at a young age.

Concluding, video games are taken very highly and made a priority to some. People get payed to stream and advertise games, this is a very easy and simple job to pick up. On average a gaming console may cost up to $400 and gaming PC’s run anywhere from $1000 to $3000. Depending on how seriously someone takes gaming they may be willing to spend the big bucks in order to gain the performance they want, for a better experience. With the 244 million people who game in the US, the major corporations like Sony, and Microsoft depend on young adults to buy their products. Theses huge business spend time designing and engineering these devices to expand the industry, as they’re companies depend on the sales of their gaming products like consoles, controllers, games, and merchandise.

The Sony playstation 5 is the newest and greatest gaming console to hit the shelves. With people fighting and reselling this may be a great investment. (Marcos Bell)
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