Complaining with Marcos: Nurses Quitting Their Jobs Due to COVID

Marcos Bell


Marcos Bell, Writer

Since the begging of 2020, we were all shocked to see the world crumble as this virus had a global outbreak, Coronavirus. Since early March of last year we all have gone into strict mandates, asking people to wear masks and sanitize before and after coming into contact with others. This has led to controversial arguments, as to why and why not we need to wear masks. While these debates continue the healthcare industry takes a hit for the worse and the better, regardless of hospitals making crazy money, many people are dying in the arms of nurses which leads them on to questioning.

According to CNN, “Nursing during normal times was demanding enough. Then came Covid-19. Nurses and physicians had to learn on the fly about treatment and protection. Zerwas compared it to “trying to build the airplane mid-freefall.”It’s taken a mental toll. The December survey found that just 35% of nurses said they felt like their work had meaning, and only one quarter of all respondents said they were optimistic about the future.Many nurses have been working nonstop since the pandemic began almost one year ago. And although there’s more hope now as health care workers and their older, at-risk patients get vaccinated, most nurses still feel worn down, Zerwas said.” With what the world is facing right now, I believe nurses are being faced with the worse scenarios as they watch thousands of people die in front of them. However I don’t believe they are entitled to quit their jobs as they signed up for the role at a hospital by going into medical school, so the violence and long hours are not an excuse.

NBC NEWS says, “As COVID-19 has infected more than 1 million Americans, nurses working on the front lines with little protective support have made the gut-wrenching decision to step away from their jobs, saying that they were ill-equipped and unable to fight the disease and that they feared for not only their own safety but also that of their families.┬áMany of these nurses, who have faced backlash for quitting, said new CDC protocols have made them feel expendable and have not kept their safety in mind, leaving them no choice but to walk away from a job they loved.” With the fear of catching the virus, I believe healthcare workers were made sure to keep safe as they had all the materials for them and patients, literally draining society of its masks, sanitizer , and goggles. Like I said, I would hope that the government would have made a restriction on when nurses and doctors could quit.

Overall, I believe that nurses should not be able to quit their jobs as we are in desperate need for them to help support those in need with the virus. Even though longer days off may help the nurses recoup from the so called “trauma”, I don’t think its worth quitting. Quitting their job means they are going to need to do something less important and lose the benefits of being a nurse. Finally, I don’t believe they are titled to do as they please and need to be held at the hospitals working especially in times like today’s world, where thousands of people die each day to COVID.

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