Complaining with Marcos: Why Taco Bell is not good

Complaining with Marcos: Why Taco Bell is not good

Marcos Bell, writer

Many Americans are in love with Taco Bell, for some odd reason. Taco Bell is a low quality fast food joint just like Whataburger. The fast food joint is supposedly a Mexican based restaurant while in reality its just insulting to hispanics.

Taco Bell is made up of greasy meats, and cheap supplies. Americans often complain about them not being in great health, and being in terrible shape. Places like Taco Bell are very good in helping you meet your obesity and heart disease needs! The amount of unhealthy foods served here, should not be allowed.

Taco Bell, unfortunately is booming nowadays, because of the pandemic running around. Many people do not want to go into restaurants because of the chances of catching this virus. I personally avoid eating at places similar to Taco Bell, because I know it will not have a great affect on me or my body. Finally Taco Bell has great advertising to lure people in to eating their unhealthy food.

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