What will you order from Taco Bell?


Marcos Bell, Writer

Taco Bell is one of America’s largest Fast food chains, and they are making a change to their menu! In the summer of 2020, Taco Bell announced that they will be removing 3 items from their menu, one of those was the Mexican pizza. The Mexican pizza followed by two other items will be taken down as of November 5, 2020. Two fast-food regulars, Mackenzie Hoffman and Evan Rebhorn are devastated by Taco Bell’s actions, listen to what they have to say.

Mackenzie Hoffman, a senior says, “Taco Bell removing the Mexican pizza has affected me greatly because it’s the only thing I order there, now I will have to find a replacement, which I think is now the crunch wrap supreme. I go to Taco Bell pretty often as it is close, cheap, and faster than other fast food places. Although they are removing my favorite item off the menu, I will continue to dine there because there are other options and if I look at the bright side, it allows me to learn to try new things, as I am a very picky eater.” Decrypting this text Kenzie will be able to expand her appetite as her favourite item has been removed, and she will continue to dine here as she is loyal to Taco Bell.

Evan Rebhorn, a senior says, “The removal of the Mexican Pizza has caused me devastation that of which I cannot describe with words. It will take months, possibly years for me to be able to mourn and recover from this absolute tragedy. I believe that my business at Taco Bell will decrease significantly because of the removal of this item. I will take my disappointment and craving for a casual Mexican meal somewhere else, specifically to places like Torchy’s or Taco Cabana.” Unlike Mackenzie, Evan Rebhorn seems to have taken a big impact as his favourite item was removed. Due to Taco Bell’s actions, Evan will no longer be dining with them.

Studying the responses, we can state that people have taken an impact on not being able to eat the Mexican pizza again. Many other Americans are in the same situation, deciding if they should find an alternative item or an alternative restaurant. While people are panicking over this decision, it should not be hard for people to get over this situation. However, it will bring a smile back on those regular dinners if Taco Bell decides to bring back the Mexican pizza.

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