Coraline is the best movie


Mackenzie Hoffman, Writer

Coraline is the best movie of all time in my opinion, the movie has a very well portrayed plot, it has some suspense to it, but is still a kids movie, and the movie teaches us that bravery comes in all forms.

Coraline is a PG Horror/Family movie that came out in 2009 about a girl, Coraline Jones, who moved to an old mansion that has been divided into apartments. While there, she meets the landlady’s grandson, Wyborne or Wybie for short, who leaves her a rag doll that looked like Coraline with button eyes he found laying around, so he gave it to her thinking it was her’s. Later, Coraline finds a small door that can only be unlocked with a button shaped key, and she discovers one day when her parents were gone that it leads to another world that looks the same, but only the apartments, Coraline’s parents, and Wybie exist, and they all have buttons for eyes. Coraline loves this place at first, but then she gets trapped, and finds out it’s not as nice as it seemed to be. Her “other mother” and “other father” started to turn against her, because the other mother eats little kid’s souls so she can survive, and they convince the kids to sew buttons in their eyes. The other mother also had Coraline’s parents trapped, so when she finally made it back to the real world, they were still in the other world, forcing Coraline to go back and fight the other mother with a very dramatic fight scene. In the end, she saves her parents and everyone is happy again.

The movie has some horror genre times according to Buzzfeed, like when the doll Wybie leaves at Coraline’s door starts moving around on its own. The doll would be placed in a chair one scene, then it would be laying on the ground of the doorway staring at her in the next. Another thing that could be scary is a voodoo-like doll found of Coraline’s parents that she found when she was home and found out they were trapped. The doll was one side her mother, and the other her father, and they had buttons for eyes just like the other mother and other father in the other world. Personally I didn’t think the movie Coraline was scary as a kid, I saw it in 3D theaters when I was about 7, and I had the movie on my PlayStation Portable. Sofia Eaton has a different opinion though, “The movie Coraline was probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen 10/10 wouldn’t recommend. I did not like the movie at all I probably wouldn’t watch it again because it scared me as a kid.” However, Marcos Bell says, “When I was younger I did not think the movie was scary. I personally was not a fan of the movie because it was weird, however all things aside the animations were impressive for the time when it came out.”

Coraline also teaches kids that bravery comes in all forms. Coraline is a little 11 year old girl who has to travel to this other world to save her parents, and has to fight a big spider-like human in the process. She also gets trapped in this other world and has to do certain tasks to get other kids souls back. Coraline shows bravery throughout the movie by first, being brave enough to travel through the tunnel to enter the other world, then she stays there, and finally defeats the other mother to save her parents.

The tunnel Coraline travels to get to the other world is hidden inside a little door by the fireplace. Photo taken from New York Times. (Mackenzie Hoffman)

In conclusion, I think Coraline is the best movie because it has some horror factors to it that aren’t too scary for kids, the animation was ahead of its time, and the movie gives off an amazing message.