Ways to stay fit and healthy throughout this pandemic!


So far, it still is not looking well for the US as the Corona Virus worsens. Throughout this pandemic it still looks like the gyms will be closed, gyms also mentioned ways they are going to protect their members.  There are also many options for you to still stay safe but get your fitness in.

Abc10 mentions, “24 Hour Fitness are temporarily closed, there are other options for members. The 24GO app has 1,500 workouts available, with options available for free that previously were paid experiences. And if your membership was set to expire during the closure, the membership will be extended for the same duration clubs were closed.”

For Planet Fitness, “The fitness center that brands itself as the “No Lunk Zone” is bringing the gym to you. Planet Fitness is uploading workouts on its Facebook and YouTube page to help people stuck at home stay healthy.” Abc10 also mentions, “Unlike other fitness centers, Anytime Fitness is not currently enforcing a blanket closure of all gyms. However, on the gym’s website message concerning coronavirus, it’s asking all members to, “check with your local club for information about changes in their hours of operation.”

However many ways to be fit, during this pandemic many have been posting free videos of workouts to do inside the house! On Youtube, Planet Fitness have a youtube channel that uploads many workout videos for the past couple of weeks to cardio to fitness themed workouts as they reach thousand of views.