The Big Baller, Chris Hudson


As it is Christopher Hudson is a returning student at Northland, he had made a huge impact on the basketball team. His love and passion for this sport is insane really shows in a game or it’s just the fact he started playing at the age of six in the YMCA League.

Hudson is a unique person, who’s personality really shines as he states, “You won’t find anyone else who acts like me.” So far, Junior, Christopher Hudson, likes the small community that Northland has. Hudson’s favorite thing about Northland is how easy it is to get help and attention from the teachers and how small the NCS is and the numerous of nice people that attend it. Hudson’s biggest challenge in high school so far is managing his grades and homework.

After attending to a few games, everyone and I can all see that he is really talented. Christopher will have a bright future in basketball.