Netflix Christmas Movie Has Finally Returned


The iconic A Christmas Prince has finally returned on Netflix for a third movie with a twist. The new movie, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is being released on December 5 of 2019 to entertain us once again this season.

In the recent movie, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, it is about Amber and Richard, Queen and King, who tries to renew a sacred truce. But when it disappears the peace is put into jeopardy and an ancient curse as threatened their family.

I interviewed Freshman, Danielle Rangel, on her opinion on the new movie that has been released.

Are you excited to see the new movie?

“Yes, I am excited to see  the movie. I’m looking forward to see how they figure out how to get the baby uncursed,” said Rangel.

So, after watching the movie, what is your opinion on it?

“I thought the first movie was better than the others. I think Netflix is done for this series now.”