Should Students Be Forced to Play Sports?

Should Students Be Forced to Play Sports?

Many parents push their kids to play team sports. Even though you let your kids play sports at a young age, it comes with many pros and cons. Middle and High School students are forced to a  play sports just for the benefit of a scholarship.

A pro about letting your child play a club sport at a young age can be beneficial. Allowing your child to play a club sport can help them be a successful athlete.

On the other hand, allowing your child to start playing club sports at a young age comes with cons. Kids at a young age should enjoy life, playing sports can be very depressing or hard on the child in the future. This could also lead to parents becoming competitive and wanting their child to be the best of the best. The most important thing for your child is to live life and learn important things that can benefit them in the future. A child shouldn’t be stressing about winning when they could be at home studying.

Another con about forcing your child to play sports is the stress and pressure they go through. As a teen now who runs track and field, cross country, and soccer, I can say that sports can put you under so much pressure and stress from my point of view. Why should a child go through so much stress, just to please a parent? On the other hand, there is a difference between forcing your child to play sports at a young age and your child wanting to play sports. Even though kids, change their minds on what sports they want to play, and when they want to quit, it still gives them the choice to live life. Parents should allow kids to choose what sports they would want to play.

Then there are middle and high schoolers. There are many teens in this age, where they are naturally talented in a sport, which shouldn’t be an excuse, but it also comes with its pros and cons.

A pro about forcing or allowing a teen to play a certain sport can help and allow them to have many achievements in life. Teens playing sports can also affects their health in a good way. Even though a certain sport isn’t as entertaining or thrilling as others, if they are talented or well at the sport, it could help them earn scholarships and look good on resumes in the long run.

Now the cons, even though many teens play sports they do like, they are other teens who play sports that are usually not their favorite. Even if some are just playing a sport because they are naturally talented or for the benefit to make their parent happy is unfair to the teen. The teen should want to play a sport or an activity that they love instead of wasting their time on something they don’t care about. Life is short, teens are so close to adulthood, they should at least live life while they can.

Another con is that sports can hurt them physically and mentally. It can hurt the physically, because they could be so pressured they could push themselves to their max limit. This could lead them to hurt themselves just because they were trying to make another person happy or proud. They should put themselves first, instead of focusing on what makes other people happy. Forcing teens to play sports can also hurt them mentally, which leads to anxiety, depression, and much much more.

In the end, I believe that every child or teen should have the choice to choose if they want to play a sport and what they would want to play. Imagine if you were in their shoes. Would you want to live your life doing something you don’t love?