Best and Worst Shows of 2019!


This year, there were some amazing and disappointing shows. Most of them being new shows released and old shows coming out with new seasons. I have dozen of opinions on which shows that definitely disappointed me and the ones that brought me to tears, leaving me astound.


I’m not usually a fan of shows with a lot of violence, but The 100 grabbed my attention. I was on a ride of emotions while watching this show and every episode watch The 100 always seems to find away to release some type of emotion from me. Even after every season, it draws me wanting to watch more and more. I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next season.

One of them being Stranger Things, this year Stranger Things has surprised me the MOST. Season three led me through many emotions; sadness, happiness, and anger. The recent season the has been released in 2019 is definitely my favorite one. I can’t wait to see what season four brings because I don’t think it will be able to beat season three. 🙂

My next favorite show of 2019 is The Society. The Society is a new released show on Netflix and season 2 is going to be released in 2o20. I find this show so entertaining, I literally finished it in less than three days. The Society is a show that I would usually not watch but it definitely had me hooked on to it once I reached episode two. After watching the last episode, I am even more determined to watch season two immediately after it is released.

One of my favorite shows of all time is Grown-ish. This show has also brought me through so many emotions. From only watching two seasons, I am desperate for them to release season three. The life of Zoe is so entertaining and interesting you can’t even pull away watching the show. Waiting for season three to come out is the most hardest thing to do, I 100% recommend to watch the show.



All four of the shows have been my favorite so far and it is best that I’ve seen so far in a while. But sadly, there were some shows that were my and others least favorite in 2019. Starting with one of the worst which is On My Block.

When the newest season, season two, released on March 25 of 2019, I was pretty disappointed watching it. In season one, even though the beginning was pretty boring, in the end it became pretty entertaining in my opinion. On the other hand, I think season one is definitely better than season two. In season two, it starts off with a twist, that was not my favorite. Boredom was how I was feeling as I watched the first couple of episodes, but it quickly went away once I clicked the x on Netflix.


And sadly another show that I do not love is Mixed-ish. As it is a spin-off of Black-ish, this definitely disappointed me. I was extremely bored throughout the show and sometimes it didn’t even make sense. How can elementary and middle schooler go to lunch at the same time in a lunch room? From watching Black-ish all my life, this show wasn’t entertaining me at all, unlike Grown-ish, another spin-off.



One of the shows that I don’t watch but everyone says had one of the worst season finale is Game of Thrones. As in 2019, it is the last season of GOT, everyone was left disappointed. Many people says it’s not just the bad story telling, the whole style completely changed, where it was sociological but now it is psychological.

The last and final show that truly disappointed me was Greenhouse Academy. After waiting for months to years for a season three of this show, it really disappointed me, especially having eight episodes. Within those short eight episodes, I found the plot extremely stupid. I think the people who wrote this show should’ve took more time to decide what to do next for season three, but this was not it.