Prom: A Night to Remember


Trinity Polk, Editor in Chief

Prom was officially a success and turned out better than expected in many ways. It truly came to life and was just a night to have fun, especially for the Seniors because it’s their last year. However, many of the students had a mix of opinions and feelings about the special night.

Like usual, prom was taken place at the Aquarium downtown. Many students met up before, driving up together, and  showed up and showed out! Everyone looked amazing and the decorations for prom couldn’t have been any better. Tables circled the dance floor and the food was at the side of the room along with drinks and dip n dots!

One of the most contradicting opinions of the night was the food. Students had many contradicting feelings about what was good and what was not.

Junior Carrington James mentioned how, “The food was bad, but I really liked the shrimp…”

However, some other students believed that the food was really good.

“I think the food was good and was not that bad,” Senior Than Thran added.

There were a lot of options from appetizers, snacks, dinner, and dessert. I even tried stuff I’ve never tasted before like salmon or crème brûlée.

Though many students had different opinions, a lot of the students did enjoy the rides. At the Aquarium, the rides most student had rode on was the Ferris wheel, lighthouse dive, and the shark voyage. On the Ferris wheel, everyone could enjoy the night sky and the gorgeous downtown skyline. It was breathtaking to see and many took photos of the view from up there. Then the lighthouse dive, which many students call the “drop ride”, many rode for the amazing thrill it has. And the iconic shark voyage, also known as the train ride, many rode to see all the sharks and especially to see the “shark” that pops up from the water.

Senior Nic Ray believed that his favorite ride was the Ferris wheel, “…it was a good view of the downtown area and the lights.”

Junior Carrington James also agreed, “My favorite ride was the Ferris wheel because it’s real chill and it’s a vibe.”

I also interviewed the student body, asking how would they rate prom, and I received various numbers. Junior Carrington James rated prom a 5 1/2, mainly because the music wasn’t giving and the food was okay, but adds how she still had a great time there.

One of the seniors, Than Thran explained how she would rate prom a 6/10, “everything was perfect but it wasn’t too hype, everything and the mood was low.”

However, Senior Dylan Guillory, believed prom was just a 10/10.

“Definitely a 10, because it was a lot of fun: you had the rides, the slow dance, and the food was pretty fire which was better than the homecoming food…”

Overall, everyone had gained a wonderful experience from prom.

Many people had different reasons of why prom was great: from getting dressed up all nice, hanging out with friends/date, the food, pictures, and the dancing. It was still an amazing and memorable night for everyone!