New School Year, New Building?


And we are back with another school year, and so many things have changed during the summer. The Elementary has moved to the Secondary, there are new signs, new students, a new building, a longer carpool line, and a brand new playground. With all that, I have so many opinions about this new school year.

Last year, I pretty much assumed that the Elementary moving to the Secondary campus was the worst idea ever. I was concerned about how I would lose one of my favorite buildings, aka building 7, and the practice field. Since school started, my opinion has changed drastically. The new playground on the practice field actually looks fun and doesn’t look that bad. Also, I haven’t seen any Elementary students so far, even if I did, it was so rare.

I’ve also noticed many new signs.┬áIn front of the Elementary carpool line and on the bleachers around the football field. I thought the new signs were a great touch. Recently, I’ve seen many new students! And I’m pretty shocked because I’m not used to seeing so many new students all in one school year. Ever since I was little I always liked seeing new students. I also love all my new teachers! I find them funny or extremely sweet!

I am excited but also nervous about this school year, I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next. With all the new changes it will definitely be a new experience and I’m looking forward to 2019-2o20 school year.