Thriving with Trin: The Reality of My New Years

My New Years’ Expectation vs Reality


In my honest opinion, I truly don’t see the hype in New Years’ like I used to. Now that I’m older, every New Year, I am most likely sitting in a room either eating food while watching tv, sleeping, or just on my phone the entire time. Like this year, I fell asleep and woke up to the New Year at 2:33 a.m in the morning. Though I woke up to text my family and friends and wished them a Happy New Year, the one thing that was on my mind was going to bed. When it comes to the New Year, I think we can all agree with the expectations we all have, but, in reality, that will never happen… well for me.

Like any ordinary person on New Year, everyone makes a New Years Resolution. An expectation for everyone is that they will follow through and be able to reach their goals. These goals could be working out, being healthy, or even a picture of five different places you’ve never been to. For me, my New Years Resolution, one or two years ago, was to become a vegetarian. The funny thing about that was everyone knows how in love I am with chicken, which I lived up to after I ate some a day after deciding to become a vegetarian. The only reason I wanted to become a vegetarian was only because of a situation that occurred when I went to a meat market. A little bit over a year ago, I had seen a whole cow that was hanging on this bar. After seeing that little traumatic experience for me, it completely crushed me. Though I really want to save some animal’s lives, I can’t part with chicken! So that is one expectation that I will never live up to, actually trying to reach my New Year’s Resolutions.

Another huge reality that I face is never going to huge parties on New Years’. After watching many films and shows, every time I see anything that deals with New Years’, there is always this huge party that everyone goes to. Everyone would be dressed up nice and having a good time. The closest to me actually “experiencing” a party around New Years’ is watching the parties on all the Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. Plus, I never get dressed up around New Years’. As everyone wears makeup and gets dressed up in their nice outfits, I am at home, in my pajamas, barefaced. Even though I rather be at home going to a huge party on New Years’ will be an expectation that will never happen!

An unfortunate reality that I have to face is that if I ever see fireworks, the pictures and videos I take will never live up to the nice, professional-looking photos I’ve always wanted to recreate. Last year, my family actually gathered together and decided to pop fireworks. After seeing the disappointing pictures and videos, I realized that I should just live in the moment and give up on the impossible challenge for me to recreate the photos and videos I see plastered online.

Though I expect each New Year to be different from the last, I think one day, I will be able to break the cycle of my laziness and live up to one of my expectations!