Is 2020 Going To Be A Nightmare?


From what it seems so far, 2020 didn’t have the best start. As the new decade begins with wildfires in Australia, war threats spreading around, drama with the impeachment, it starting to look not so good. And the current thought that still is stuck in the back of my head is if 2020 is going to be a total nightmare?

After hearing and reading the sad, drastic news of the wildfires in Australia, I was extremely distraught. Reading that an estimate of 1 billion animals were killed by the wildfires was so sad to hear. I am a huge animal person and hearing about the death of an animal is not an easy thing for me.

Even after the threats spreading from Iran was the scariest thing ever, even the thought of having a war is terrifying. I have never paid attention to the news so much after that experience. My eyes were glued to my phone and Apple Watch twenty-four seven.

It was also the same for impeachment with our recent, current president. As I watched each live video of them voting on if he should be impeached was pretty interesting. It was the first time I was interested in watching politics after everything that happened.

Another thing that scares me about 2020 is that it’s a new decade. Just thinking that the start of the next decade I would be in my late twenty’s is so hard. I just can’t imagine how fast life has gone, especially when I still feel like kindergarten was yesterday. Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be an adult and become that “big girl” at a young age, but now I would go back in time any day.

Throughout all of these things, there is still some positivity in me. I am still hoping that 2020 will still be an amazing year.