School uniforms: the changes, opinions, and impact


Trinity Polk, Editor in Chief

Despite many people’s belief on the positive impact and need for school uniforms, vast of students at Northland Christian have many complaints and opinions on them for sure. Though many see it as something to make everyone equal, help people focus on their education instead of their clothing, or enhance school pride, there are some negative factors that should be looked at and changed.

From lisbdnet, after asking most of the students, “the vast majority — 90 percent of students — reported that they disliked wearing uniforms.” And after doing a bit of research and asking around Northland, I received various responses about what people thought about the school uniforms. One of the most biggest complaints were about the skirts, which numerous girls had comments for, and about the winter clothing with having more options available.

With skirts being one of the number one issues for most of the students at Northland, many stated their biggest problem was the sizing. Sophomore Ainsley Tarver mentions how, “if I could change the school uniform, I would like to be able to be fit for uniforms better… now, I don’t know my size whatsoever and most of my skirts don’t fit.”

Lisbdnet had the perfect comment on this and states, “School uniform comes in a limited range of sizes and might not fit everyone, because everyone comes in different shapes and sizes.”

Unfortunately, around campus, a lot of girls have been dress coded or been warned about their skirts that are sometimes out of their control: the skirts being too small/big for them, not having enough sizes, and not having the right lengths for people of different heights. Senior Thanh Tran states how the “NCS skirts are too long” and also mentions the lack of comfortability and sizing.

Though most of the guys didn’t complain about the skirts, a lot of them mentioned about being more lenient when it comes to jackets, jeans, and sweats, especially during the winter. Senior Dion Grisnold quickly mentions how sweatpants should be allowed.

Senior Dylan Guillory also had something to say stating, “… we should be allowed to wear sweats and jeans if it’s 40°.” Especially this year, many students got dress coded during the winter for wearing jeans, sweats, and non-Northland jackets. Though uniforms are a big part of our school, I think some lenience should be applied. “They should allow us to wear any type of jacket and jeans when it’s cold,” Senior Nicolaus Ray agreeing.

However, some of the guys continued to have other opinions about the uniforms. Senior Dylan Guillory continues his comment by explaining how nothing should be added but removed from the uniforms as they are already expensive as it is. “I’m fine with the polos we wear, it’s just the pants and shorts for me, they’re very uncomfortable…” He also mentions how the students should be able to wear any jacket if it doesn’t show the brand name or wear college hoodies.

Senior Nicolaus Ray adds on about the comfortability about the khaki shorts and believes on removing the shorts, “because they can get really uncomfortable for a while and things fall out of pockets too easy.”

I also interviewed Mr. Brad Helm, assistant principal, on the new changes when it comes to the school uniforms. So far for next year, “the material of the polos and shorts are going to be different” and what prompted these changes were students complaining about the material and wanting a more nicer and modern look. Another thing they are looking at for next year, “being able to add a sweat, sweatpants, sweatsuit for spirit wear, but it won’t be a part of the school uniform.”

Mr. Helm also states how, “the girls have the option to wear khaki pants, shorts and their skirts, they have those options.” He also mentions how if there are any issues or concerns they can come up to him and talk about it to see what they can do about the situation.