Pros and Cons about Driving as a Teen


As I turn another page in my life, I’m nearly old enough to start driving. Even though it is pretty exciting to get your hands behind the wheel, you can’t help that you’re nervous.

What makes me excited to get behind the steering wheel is to definitely travel. I can finally go somewhere without worrying about not having a ride or late because of my parents. I can’t wait to have my freedom, but I am also nervous about driving on the road knowing many bad things can happen. I decided to talk about the pros and cons of driving. There are so many pros and cons of driving as a teenager, some are very beneficial and some are very negative.

A pro about driving as a teen could be freedom. Having freedom as a teen could be very beneficial. You don’t have to depend on your parents or relatives to drop or pick you up anywhere. Your parents could go or leave without worrying about taking their child somewhere. They can also have time to relax, while your off having fun.

Another pro about driving as a teen is an increase in responsibility. As a teen and driving yourself everywhere there could be a moment where you need to be somewhere at a certain time. It can teach you to be responsible and learn time management.

A con about driving as a teen could be their safety. Many students get killed, injured, or into wrecks with their cars. Usually, it could be with a group of friends distracting you, texting, teens drunk driving, teens racing each other and etc.

Another con about driving as a teen can have a negative impact on school attendance. Many teens can decide to skip school for fun, decide to go out to eat during school, or just leave school early for no reason.

After going through what is a pro and was is a con about driving as a teen, I’m extremely excited to learn how to drive. And I can’t wait to get behind the wheel and have my own freedom.