The Multi-talented, Ainsley Tarver!


Freshman, Ainsley Tarver is a multi-talented person who has attended Northland for nine years. She is currently a part of the Yearbook staff, Robotics team, and is currently 2024’s class representative as a secretary.

Ainsley is a jack of all trades when it comes to sports as she has played and participated in many.

“In my life, I have done gymnastics, dance, and swam when I was little, I have played volleyball, basketball, and participated in track in middle school, and I continue to play soccer, run cross country, and potentially play softball this year.”

However, Ainsley has a whole other life outside of Northland, where she plays lacrosse and volunteers at church.

She has played lacrosse from third to fifth grade but has recently started to play her beloved sport again.

Ainsley in the third grade playing lacrosse.

“Lacrosse is one of my favorite sports because it includes many different aspects that I enjoy. I think lacrosse is one of my favorite sports because you can play aggressively and still respect one another after the game is over. The sport can be very brutal at times but honestly the game itself is very intriguing.”

Ainsley also explains how the players is another reason why lacrosse is her favorite sport.

She continues to clarify by saying,”Meeting new players from around the country at tournaments is very fascinating since the sport is played slightly differently everywhere you go, and creating bonds with people that you will play with again really brings together the team.”

But when Ainsley isn’t playing lacrosse or at school, she is most likely at church.

“I gave my time and commitment from 7th-8th grade to work with Preschoolers-Kindergarteners every week on Saturday and Sunday and Wednesday practice, but it was a lot. 9th-12th grade work with 1st-3rd grade.”

But as she started high school, Ainsley decided to take a break to figure out her schedule and the future.

An interesting fact that someone from Northland might not know about Ainsley is that even though she has not been able to take an art class, art is one of her favorite things to do even writing.

Another fact Ainsley mentions is her love for crime. She explains by saying,” I am fascinated by true crime. I like to listen to true crime podcasts or watch a documentary about things that really happened. It is honestly just fascinating to hear how other people think or think that doing something is morally okay when it clearly isn’t.”

In the future, Ainsley is looking forward to becoming some form of engineer or graphic designer.

“I really enjoy the graphic design aspect of yearbook and I love photography, but I also enjoy working with my hands and building in robotics.”

After getting the time to learn more about Ainsley Tarver, I have learned a lot about her and realized that she is one bright student with a big future ahead of her!