Thriving with Trin: Couldn’t Be Happier!

The mixed feelings I have walking throughout my school is wild. I couldn’t be happier to be back and see everyone’s faces. However, I’m still at school, which means lots of studying and homework.

Before school has even started, I had the chance to go paint my very own parking spot at school. Not going to lie, it was a fun but excruciating experience. After drawing and painting, my track themed parking spot, my body was already aching from the recent vaccination I had. So my body felt even worse after painting. My back was in so much pain from sitting up the entire time while painting. The next day, I couldn’t even get out of bed! But, it is cool to drive to school and pull up to the parking spot that I worked hard and painted.

I’m not that upset that school has started. I’m glad that I can walk into my class and see my teacher’s faces as they teach. Online, in my opinion, was atrocious. During some online classes, the teachers would cut out, making it hard to understand and learn from them. Students had their mics, making it harder to hear the teacher talk or focus. Then there were outside distractions, such as pets, parents, electronics going off. With that said, I’m glad that I am not in online classes.

What made my first day of school even better was the fact that I could see my friend’s face again! It’s been a while since I’ve had laughed or smiled so much. Now, being able to sit down and talk or have fun in class after this LONG quarantine is a bonus in my book.

In Cross Country season, I have a short break. I am not complaining; I am glad to have a break and give my body a chance to relax. I am so used to running so much and hard it wears my body is constantly sore and aching. But, I am one-hundred percent ready for the season and preparing to do well at State!

So far, I have no complaints about school yet. I am sort of looking forward to the school year. I am hoping and wishing to have a stress-free, entertaining, school year, but I can only hope.