Get To Know Annie Yeargin

Getting to know the life of Annie Yeargin, future forensic phycologist, was fun but an interesting experience. Asking random questions was a great experience to learn how a person thinks or a way to get to know them better. After interviewing her, I’ve learned that Annie wants to become a forensic physiologist. From what I also learned is that she really cares about Psychology, because it’s the field she wants to go in. Annie also describes herself as friendly.

Another thing I’ve learned is that she would most likely visit Canada because she loves the cold and Canadians. Annie also says that if she could go anywhere she would go to New York. So she can go see a musical on Broadway and her most played song is “Wait For Me” by Hade Town. Plus her favorite time of day is lunch because she gets to eat.

Not to mention, Annie also dislikes heights and bugs for obvious reasons. I’ve also learned that Annie describes her sleeping as to being knocked out for a couple of hours. On top of that, she says that she wouldn’t give CPR to a homeless man since she doesn’t know to do it properly.

I think this was an entertaining moment to learn fun facts or information about a person you don’t really know much about. Getting to know Annie Yeargin was a great experience.