Prom and its special date… Covid

Prom is literally right around the corner and many students are excited about the special day! Everyone is ready to dance the night away under the Enchanted Forest with their close friends and the fantastic food that is going to be served. But prom isn’t going to be the same like all the other years, this year it has its own special date, Covid-19.

This year is going to be different from the rest all thanks to Covid-19. In order to go to prom, we all have to wear our masks, which should’t be too much of a sacrifice. I also interviewed Junior, Ally Wiley about what she is planning on wearing and her opinion about the Covid precautions. Ally is planning on wearing an off the shoulder, dusty pink dress with white heels. And even with all the Covid precautions, she still believes prom will be a fun event.

“…I think so, especially because of how entertaining our prom is, it’s not not just one specific thing… you can do a bunch of other stuff…”

Wiley continued on by saying, “It’s just one night, I think we’ll be fine. I think we will still be able to enjoy it like we have the whole school year.”

People have been talking about prom nonstop. The clock is ticking! Go buy some prom tickets and enjoy the night away in the Enchanted Forest.