Thrivin with Trin: Why Football isn’t a difficult sport

This is all from personal experience!!


In class, many students debated if Football was an easy sport. As a person who has tried and played many sports.  I do believe I have a taste if a sport is considered easy or not. Football is definitely, one hundred percent, an easy sport in my opinion.

The only thing that I find challenging about Football, is the gear they have to wear. Of course, wearing gear and running around in the crazy weather we have down here in Texas isn’t easy. But it doesn’t change my opinion that it’s an easy sport. I’m also not saying that it’s a sport that everyone could play but it’s a sport that you can play if you have a bit of athleticism. All you do is run and catch a ball, I don’t see the challenge in that.

Compared to other sports that I’ve played, I do find Soccer, Cross Country, and Volleyball way more challenging than barging into guys or running to the end zone, but that’s just from personal experience.

With Soccer, I do find it similar to football but way more dangerous. In soccer, there is less gear required and there is more physical contact. If a person gets tackled in Football, they would most likely be perfectly fine and continue with the game. Unlike Soccer, being kicked in the leg, hit, grabbed, and shoved, plus the cold weather, makes everything ten times worse. Many people also agree that Soccer is actually the most dangerous sport!

And for Cross Country, it’s more difficult than Football mentally and physically. I would like to see a Football player try and run multiple miles without stopping at a fast pace.

With Volleyball, I can’t even explain the amount of times I’ve tried to learn how to play this sport and fail miserably. Throwing yourself on the hard ground, chasing after the volleyball, hitting it back to the other side perfectly, and having to risk the volleyball being slammed into your face makes the ten times scarier and worse.

Overall, compared to all the sports I’ve played, I find Football not as difficult as people make it out to be.