Social Media Is Changing The World

What is wrong with the world? Us.

Social Media Is Changing The World

Recently, the internet is a necessity for people.  The internet was originally for entertainment, but now it has changed for the worse. Now, people are being sexually harassed, being sent death threats, getting cyberbullied, and much more. Ten years old look like they are thirteen and fourteen years old. In the past, we used the internet just for video games, to watch, Tv and to communicate. Now, the internet has taken a turn.

Even though I use social media, I think there are ways to use it properly, which not everyone does. I think that there are pros and cons to the internet. The good thing about the internet is that it’s now easier to communicate, can save time and get work done, learn important information, and much more. The bad things that come with the internet are obsession, bullying, supporting Photoshop, sometimes not having privacy, and so much more.

Another thing that Social Media is changing is the new generation. Now, kids are starting to grow up way too fast. However, there are some good things about growing up. You can learn how to be responsible, have freedom, gain opportunities, learn to take control, and have different perspectives.

There are also some bad things, they are just kids and they should realize that they aren’t going to be a child forever. They should enjoy being a child. Another thing is that you could make mistakes at a young age that can haunt you or others for ages. Responsibility, it can be considered good and bad. Not every child is the brightest, and kids are usually not that responsible. Children shouldn’t grow too fast.

I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to be an adult. Now that I am halfway there, I really wish to be a four-year-old in a class taking a nap. I was too focused on growing up instead of enjoying life. Now, that Social Media is growing, it is definitely changing the world in a positive and negative way.