College: Sorority and Fraternity Hazing

October 1, 2018

Alabama University Theta Chi Fraternity


After high school, seniors going into college can be involved in different ways such as sororities and fraternities. Every college has multiple choices of sororities and fraternities, so it is important to choose one that you would fit in. Without a doubt, there are NCS Seniors who would like to join a fraternity or sorority.

Students have the choice of being in a sorority or fraternity. However, that once hopeful experience could turn into a nightmare. According to ABC 13, one student at Riverside, California was killed by hazing in his fraternity. He was in his third year of college and tragically passed away. This story would then cause people to be wary or unsure of joining a sorority or fraternity. Students join sororities or fraternities to make new friends and join a community of new people. They do not join to be scrutinized and abused by their members. Thankfully not every sorority and fraternity act this way. As said, many frats and sororities uphold policies that prohibit the hazing of students. 

Chelsea, who has been in a sorority for 3 years, told different hazings she has heard of. Some include mass amounts of alcohol. She mentions that one fraternity also made new people do endless pushups with their knuckles on bricks. However, she mentions that hazing is illegal and members are kicked out for inappropriate behavior. “The use of drugs, alcohol, and hazing other members is absolutely prohibited. Any cases of these things would result in immediate expulsion from the sorority,” she mentions as well. Amari Bostic, a senior, also gives her opinion on the matter, “When you accept someone to join your sorority you do it because their personality and attitude makes you sorority better. You don’t accept them then torment them because you have greater “power”. Your goal should be to make new friendships for a lifetime and not bully or haze them.”

If you would like to join a sorority or fraternity, you should take your time thinking and getting to know about them before joining one. However, the process is very long as well, so you should be able to choose a frat or sorority you would fit into. Also, if you find yourself being hazed/abused emotionally or physically you should immediately report it or leave the sorority or fraternity you are in. Frats and sororities are not something to be looked down upon if you hear stories of hazing. They present great opportunities to make friends and serve your school. The main thing is to be cautious of your surroundings and any potentially bad signals of a sorority or fraternity you might be getting yourself into.



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