Mike Sun

Origin: China. Posture: Upright, strong and well-proportioned physique, muscular, with a sense of movement, moderate length of limbs, strong and agile. The tail length is slightly shorter than the body length (body length refers to the beginning of the tailbone to the scapula), and is relatively strong, without distortion. Personality: An independent personality, sports-loving, and very cheerful. If the surrounding environment changes, it will be very sensitive, and it will be very dependent on the owner. If you change the owner, it will be psychologically Hurt.
The coat is short and hard, with a healthy oily luster, fits snugly on the body, and has no looseness. No thick fluff. There are also markings on its forehead, the shape is an “M”, and there will be an extended line at the corner of the eye. Circular markings will appear on its neck, limbs, and tail, and herringbone markings (complete) or dot patterns will appear on its body. Under normal circumstances, brown or dark brown color is the color of its coat, but white also appears on part of the cat’s coat, that is, the white coat area. Tabby cats have very clear and distinct markings. Under normal circumstances, its footpads and palms are black. With such a protective color, it can be protected when hunting in the wild.
The coat color of tabby cats is mostly mackerel patterns or spots, similar to tiger skin, short, shiny, and smooth. Except for the light yellow hairs on the abdomen and lower forehead, the hairs on the body are all three colors on a single hair. For example, the hair of the brown part, the root is black, the middle part is light, the tip of the hair is brown, and the hair is black. The roots are light-colored, the middle section is dark brown, and the hair tips are black. The brown tabby is recognized as the standard color of the breed. The limbs are muscular and strong, with wide and large claws. The limbs are thick and muscular, with a sense of dexterity. The claws are oval, the front paws are five fingers, and the hind paws are four toes. The back of the paws is pale yellow and shallow from the wrist to the fingertips. Color, the upper part of the wrist is surrounded by a black ring, the paw pads are black, and the hair between the paw pads is black. Among them, the black nails are the top grade. The raccoon cat has been recorded in ancient books that its claws are huge. In Gongyan Doumao, the claws are among the weapons of its victory. Therefore, those with thick claws are top grade. The golden tip of the claw hair adds points. The nose of an adult tabby cat is long and straight. The overall head feels like a trimmed jewel-shaped (hexagonal). The face is longer than its width and has a slightly protruding semi-circular skull between the ears, which is the same horizontal line as the eyes. The position of the face is wide, from the inner corner of the eyes, the facial contour suddenly shrinks, and the nose is stretched out. The bridge of the nose is straight and swelled. The size of the nose is moderate, and there is no expression of too wide or narrow. The nose has brick red, dark brown, and black. The eyes are apricot-shaped, and the outer ends of the eyes are slightly hanging. The eyes are mainly yellow, green, and brown, and green is the top grade. The ears are of medium or small size, and the distance between the two ears is moderately in the middle of the head. The bases of the ears are opened wider, and the ears are basically opened to the front, and the deviation does not exceed 15 degrees to the two sides. The tip of the ears is pointed. Adult male cats sometimes have obvious long hairs at the tip of the ears. The chin is strong, the lower forehead is strong, the lower forehead is shorter than the upper forehead, and the chin is straight, without bulge, with a tight bite, and a straight beard. Hard, no bending, no softness in appearance. There is no obvious transition between the head and the body. The neck length is approximately equal to the nose length, and the female cat’s lower forehead is relatively underdeveloped and pointed. The ears are on the two sides of the larger head, the ears are of moderate size, and they are basically open to the front. The base of the lower ears is open and wide. The distance between the two ears increases with age. In adulthood, the distance between the two ears is one ear or two or two. Half the distance of the eye. The smaller the distance between the two ears when they are young. Ear hair is sparse, and the middle part of ear hair is light in color. Adult male cats sometimes have long ear tips, but it is very rare in female cats. The nose, muzzle, and nose are straight, moderately wide, with the same width from top to bottom. The bridge of the nose is high, bulging, and plump, without obvious forehead breaks, and the jaws are strong and well-defined with a nose line. White lip/jawline and eyeliner are allowed. The lower forehead of the mouth is shorter than the upper forehead and does not protrude beyond the upper forehead. The length of the nose is the distance of one eye. Chin The chin is well developed and flat. Eyes: The eyes are large and bright. There is a clear yellowish outline around the eyes. The outer corner of the eye is higher than the inner corner of the eye, which is slightly lifted upwards, and the eye length is greater than the roundness. There is a distinct black eyeliner on the outer corner of the eye. This line meets the black line from the base of the beard and a black line under the neck along with the long point. Eyes approved of green, yellow-green, light brown-yellow and other winks are unqualified. Preferably it is green. The neck is relatively short and sturdy. The muscles are strong and well connected to the head, without obvious thin and narrow connecting parts. The tail length is shorter than the body length and straight, thick and powerful, and the tail hair is short, close, and shiny, without fluffy and untidy phenomenon. The entire tail appears to be divided into several segments by a dark ring, and there is no obvious sudden thinning of the tip of the tail.