Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Dies at 99

Mike Sun, writer

Speaking of Elizabeth, we naturally think of the queen, power, and white hair, but when it comes to Prince Philip, many people don’t even know who he is, and they will only call him Elizabeth’s husband. I used to wonder why Britain is the queen and not the emperor. The husband I thought was the queen was not alive, but when I saw on the Internet behind the queen, there was always an old man with the same white hair and vicissitudes of life and kind eyes standing. Behind the queen, he has been doing this for nearly 70 years, and in this way he has been the guardian of his lover.
In fact, in 2017, Prince Philip announced his retirement. At this time, he had attended more than 20,000 events for the royal family. On March 10, Prince Philip was misrepresented to pass away. Fortunately, he promptly refuted the rumors. However, due to his age For physical reasons, Prince Philip died at 19:06 on April 9th, local time, leaving this world and leaving the British royal family that he had guarded for most of his life.

With nostalgia for the deceased, let us understand the life of Prince Philip together. Prince Philip (June 10, 1921-April 9, 2021), whose full name is Philip Mountbatten, was born on Kira Island, Corfu State, Ionian Islands, Greece. He is currently the husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. The original Greek prince, duke of Edinburgh. However, Prince Philip’s childhood was not smooth. Due to the fiasco of Greece in the Greek-Turkish War, Prince Andreas (Prince Philip’s father) and some officials were taken as scapegoats and taken into custody by the Greek military government, waiting to be executed. Later, Britain intervened. , The Greek military government threatened the Greek military government to release Prince Andreas’s family by force. The Greek military government was forced to agree. Therefore, Prince Philip, who was only one year old, and his family were taken to France in a wooden box containing oranges and escaped.

The first meeting between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip was at the Royal Naval Academy in Dartmouth. Prince Philip was only 18 years old at the time. Perhaps no one would have thought that the love between these two young people would last 70, 70, 70 years. , Enough to turn a graceful young man into an old man, enough to make an exquisite and lovely girl become old-fashioned, but no matter how long, the eyes of the lover will not change, they have gone through too many ups and downs together, and each other has long been With the mark of life, love is not a moment, but as long as you need it, I will be there for you. But there is no permanent banquet in the world, and there is always one person who wants to leave first.

Soon, there will be different voices in the world mourning Prince Philip. This distant passing will make the world sigh again, for Prince Philip, for the British royal family, and for the graceful girl who fell in love with him at first sight.

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