The Remodeled Cafeteria is Here


Darin Bowden, Writer

This summer, construction workers filled the campus, bringing pallets of supplies for the new cafeteria. The Northland Christian School YouTube channel states, “we’re making a lot of preparations to be able to offer healthy, tasty meals made fresh on campus daily beginning in the Fall of 2022!”

An updated cafeteria also brings a new staffing arrangement. The past lunch ladies have been been replaced by Chef Gabe and his new staff. The new staff make their debut on the Northland Christian School YouTube channel. (Link) The latest video shows two Northland students who seem to enjoy the meals. And when speaking to several students who tried the lunches the consensus was seemingly positive.

Now comes the price, states the average high school meal is priced at $2.74, however the new Northland meal is priced at $5.75 ( For those looking to save a few bucks in the long run there are two annual lunch plans. Option one is a yearly payment of $957, whereas option two is a divided payment of $478.50 each semester.

The new meal contains an entrée, two sides, a cold sandwich, chips and fruit. The side options are a small salad, whole fruit, the starch of the day, and the veggie of the day. Each months menu is posted on the school lunch website. In addition, students can purchase A La Carte menu items which are supplementary to the meal. The included options are juice beverages, cheese cups and hummus cups, a variety of premade salads and sandwiches, cookies, packaged snacks, chips, and ice cream.