The Addams Family Musical – That’s a Wrap


Darin Bowden, Writer

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the Addams Family Musical production premiered on Northland’s stage in the gym. It displayed a cast of seventeen people, which included two faculty members: Mr Davis and Mr Mosley. The show took months to put together and was assisted by former alumni for sound and lighting. The musical will soon be shown on Northland’s YouTube channel for those who weren’t able to make it to one of the show nights.

Mrs Harmann was in the audience the first night and she says, “Kallee’s scene was one of my favorites, it was very entertaining how she was stumbling everywhere. Grandma’s lines were also hilarious!” Kallee Nelson played the role of Alice, a very bright and happy person, but her song “Waiting” showed how she can really be.

Sami Hearn played Grandma and she had a personality that was very funny to the audience. Her favorite scene was “Crazier Than You, I loved seeing all of the character dynamics on stage. The finale was also a great one because the audience got to see everyone on stage and it was cool seeing everyone interact together.”

(Photo Credits: Mrs Lopez)