The Family of an Astroworld victim Creates the Pink Bows Foundation


Darin Bowden, Writer

Many things went wrong during the Astroworld Festival on November 5, 2021. Whether it was the lack of safety officials or the arrogance of Travis Scott himself, ten people never got to go back home, including a girl named Madison Dubiski.  Many other concerts have remained safe with no issues and proper security. (Pictured) Both Mayor Sylvester Turner and Governor Greg Abbott launched plans to increase safety protocols, however nothing has advanced since.  So, according to an article on ABC13, Madison Dubiski’s family created a nonprofit called the Pink Bows Foundation, since no one was doing anything about concert safety. (Neighbors and community members placed Pink Bows around the city, pictured) This nonprofits goal is to have tents where people can talk to someone and calm down.

Almost everyone has heard of this tragedy, including Samantha Hearn who says, “I think that these tents are a good idea because everyone needs time to calm down.” A teacher, who did not wished to be named says, “I think the tents could be a good idea, but I don’t think that it will continue for a long time.”

Hopefully, the government will notice these attempts and increase security at all entertainment venues. But for now donations can be made to the Pink Bows Foundation.