What Everyone is Doing During Christmas Break!


Darin Bowden, Writer

This time of year is special because everyone gets together to spend time as a family and do things they only get to do once every year. Whether it may be cutting down a tree or going out of town (Pictured) everyone should have a holiday tradition. (Pictured) Doing something special is important because everyone needs time to recharge and relax.

This year Art & Photography teacher Mrs. Lopez is going out of town. She says, “We are going drive to a cabin in Urika Springs, Arkansas that my parents own.” On the flip side, Libby Frank, a sophomore student says, “We are going to have time to spend as a family and I will get to see my brothers when they come home from college for a while.”

Finally, another common tradition in many families is the White Elephant. For many, there is a price limit and a random person is assigned and on Christmas they will get to open the gift. The fun thing about this, is that it is a surprise about who you are getting the gift from.