Christmas Plans

Darin Bowden

Darin Bowden, Writer

Everyone will do something during this Holiday break, whether it is driving across town to eat at a grandparents house or flying out of the country everyone has a plan of what to do by now. It has been getting more difficult to travel due to rising costs in airlines. CNN says, “Airfares are way up. US gas prices are higher than they’ve ever been at this time of year. Rates for hotel rooms and rental cars have jumped 12% and 46% respectively from where they were in 2019.”

Another issue is the high hotel costs, which is an essential is someone is looking to travel around. CNN says, “Hotel prices also are more expensive than they’ve ever been this time of year. The Consumer Price Index, the government’s key inflation gauge, shows the cost of lodging away from home hit a record in May, and the October average, the most recent available, is down just 2% from that peak.” This is a big issue as many people are trying to travel to see family they haven’t seen due to the pandemic so these high costs only extend that time.

Because of all of this, many people are just looking to stay home and enjoy a holiday with their family. This is because the cost is lower and if everyone hasn’t seen each other in a while this is a good time to get back together with their family.