Democratic Socialism: Is this a good thing?


Ariel Oaks, Writer/ Editor

Politics in general are very interesting and sometimes intense topics to speak on. In the upcoming election, the candidates are very active in their efforts to get their names in every Americans living room topic of conversation. Although is a very interesting topic many don’t understand what democratic socialism is in it’s entirety. “Democratic socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically—to meet public needs, not to make profits for a few” (DSA). Bernie Sanders is all for democratic socialism though he hasn’t came out and said directly that he is a “Democratic Socialist Politician”, though his ideal and plans are very parallel to what democratic socialist have ideas about. Many people have voted inside and outside of our school on Super Tuesday and have an opinion on what democratic socialism is to them.

Some believe what he is  trying to do is good while other think it’s a a not so good idea for him to be in the office. Michael Masserella is very involved in the debates and says ” Bernie Sanders would be a good president for Norway or Sweden but there’s NOR-WAY I’m voting for him!” Jordan Herman doesn’t agree with democratic socialism;  she doesn’t see how it could benefit America. Government teacher Mr. Wietstruck says ” socialism looks good on paper but isn’t realistic,” he continues to say ” Democratic socialism is like averaging everybody test scores together and then giving everybody the same grade. For the people who tried really hard it’s not good because they wanted to keep their good grade and for the people that didn’t try as hard it’s good for then because they get a better grade then they would’ve gotten originally,the people who originally tried very hard are going to begin to not try as hard and then the class as a whole begins to tank.” So as you can tell there are many different ideas and perspectives on the idea or democratic socialism as a whole.

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